Here is May’s fashion trend : So when you think it can’t get weirder then just think again…Detachable jeans?!

So this is unlike something we’ve ever seen before! Have you ever been wearing jeans and just thought it’s so hot I wish I’d worn shorts instead! Well wish no more your dream has officially become a reality.

So denim jeans have just gotten a lot more interesting, with the brand ‘Ssense’ releasing the first ever detachable jeans making fashion influencers everywhere turn their head with interesting opinions.  Is this practical or just a little bit ugly? Because it’s not like you can hide the whole detachable side of the jeans. You definitely will be exposing some skin wearing your questionable jeans. Before you think this tread might be right up your street, beware as they might cost you all your payday payment, setting you back £375! FOR JEANS. There isn’t any cheaper and if anything they all vary from £375-£400, talk about a splurge. Now guys if you think about it, jeans regularly vary in prices from £10-£50, and shorts at around £10-£20, you’d be saving a heck of a lot of money if you just pack some shorts!

The detachable jeans aren’t the most attractive with it being extremely short when the jeans are detached so if you’re more a ‘mom’ shorts type of girl I’m afraid it may not fit your style. It could also be hard to pair the jeans with clothing styles on a daily basis; it may be a miss in the winter season, as there is visible skin above the thighs. The whole purpose off jeans is to cover and these detachable jeans barely do that, leaving us all just a bit confused. It is visible at the front of the jeans which can look weird to some, people are saying all this hassle when you could just simply buy separate shorts. I have to say I do agree, it doesn’t exactly look the most flattering. However everyone’s different, and could be beneficial to some but £375 for a pair of cut out jeans? Very questionable.

So guys is this fashion trend, a little too expensive or a lot too expensive! Is this a necessity or are we just creating too much in 2017. Let us know and make sure you give us your opinions on detachable jeans, if you’d ever spend £375 on pair!

Credit: Mary Farmhouse