Protein pancakes


This week we’ve taken it back to basics with good old fashioned protein pancakes! A classic; super easy to make, and even easier to scoff! We love protein pancakes because they’re so versatile… you can literally top them up with whatever takes your fancy! This recipe is just our go to, and makes 2 small pancakes (one serving), however there are many out there and we’d love to hear your favourite way to whip up protein pancakes!



Scoop of protein

1 egg white

Splash of water



  1. Mix protein, egg whites and water in a bowl.
  2. Heat oil in a pan (we use coconut oil).
  3. Pour protein mix into hot pan.
  4. Wait until mixture solid and flip!
  5. Top with your choice of goodies!

The benefits!

The nutritional value of this treat is very limited; protein! Unless you top with fruit or nut butter! The pancake itself is intended to be a protein packed treat, usually a post-gym snack – lower in calories than the typical pancake and will keep you full for much longer!